Female or male, masturbation is still taboo

masturbation is still taboo

Practiced by practically all males and increasingly more ladies, solo pleasure stays taboo.

Even today, there is an aroma of regret around masturbation. “It’s a tough word. In sexology consultation, I never ever straight ask the question: “Do you masturbate?”, Because many are still surprised. To play down the drama, I ask them rather at what age they began to masturbate,” explains Dr Mireille Bonierbale, president of the Aius (Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Association of Sexology).

For religions, it is a sin. When it comes to the medical profession, it has actually mostly added to making masturbation a taboo. Its condemnation is plainly affirmed, and diffused in the XVIII E century by a physician, Dr. Tissot, who will compose “Onanism: argumentations on the illness produced by the masturbation“. Later on, if for Sigmund Freud, masturbation is not a disease, it is nonetheless a sign of immature sexuality to be discouraged due to the fact that it triggers neurosis!

A still taboo subject

In the XXI th century, it is still challenging to bring up the topic, even in secret cabinets sexologists. “Let’s put masturbation in its rightful place,” pleads Dr. Bonierbale. That is to state that of a solo sex that merely allows you to provide yourself enjoyment.

In between 14 and 17 years of ages 74% of boys, however only 48% of ladies say they masturbate.

charming brunetteThe brand-new generation talks about it a little more easily, but specifically on the guys’s side. For the majority of adolescents, sexuality begins with masturbation, which is not yet the case for adolescent girls. Hence, between 14 and 17 years old 74% of boys, however only 48% of women declare to masturbate, according to a research study published in 2011 on the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine site.

” At this age, in addition to the pursuit of satisfaction, there is likewise an expedition of the body and its performance. Particularly among ladies. When you know each other well, it is then simpler to direct the other towards their sexuality “, highlights Muriel Baccigalupo, sexologist in Montpellier.

Alone or as a couple

Now is the time for parents to break the habit, if they had it, to walk into their teenage bed rooms without knocking. “And if a parent captures their teenager, the best attitude to have is to apologize and leave them alone. This is how the teenager will comprehend that masturbation is not a restricted thing,” states Dr. Mireille Bonierbale, who still hears a lot of misconceptions on the subject. “It is not uncommon to still have youths who wonder if this makes them sterile or avoids them from having their duration,” states the expert.

In the adult years, masturbation maintains its full place in sexuality. Whether you are single or in a relationship, whether it is practiced alone or with your partner. Except in case of difference, it does not enter into competitors with the other sexual practices of the couple.” Indulging yourself without listening to others is merely a minute to yourself,” says Muriel Baccigalupo.

” To have fun without listening to the other is simply a moment to yourself”

Dr Mireille Bonierbale

However, the woman who surprises her companion often feels betrayed, she sees a lack of desire towards her. “But this is not the concern. Guy make the distinction. We need to play down, allow them these minutes alone, and make females understand how to differentiate in between solo enjoyment and desire for enjoyment shared by two,” insists Dr. Bonierbale.

The appearance of women is unquestionably altering because a growing number of them are themselves masturbating. They are now 76% to have currently experimented the masturbation (90% for the males), according to an Ifop poll carried out last February for the publication Elle.

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